Pro-fix System Generation


The connection system that’s safe, easy, and intuitive.Pro-fix System - Make Life Easier

AT LAST!!  -  No more awkward fitting kitsPro-Fix

The new and ergonomic Jané Pro-fix system means that all of our carrycots and infant car seats can easily be fitted onto, or taken off, the Isofix platform in the car or on pram chassis safely and intuitively as possible.

With just one movement, you can fit any component onto the chassis without the need for awkward “fitting kits”.

At last, no more awkward fitting kits.

Profix handle

Pro-fix is a built-in connection system.

Profix release

Lift two buttons to release from the chassis or base.

Profix recline

Press two buttons to recline the handle or hood.

handle positions

Intuitive design eliminates the need for awkward fitting kits.

INSTALLATION: To fit the infant car seat or carrycot onto the chassis you just need to make one vertical movement and position it in the slots of the two fastening points without needing to do anything else to the chassis.

DETACHING: To detach it, pull the two buttons on the sides and with just one movement the infant car seat or carrycot will be released from the chassis or Isofix platform in the car.

HANDLE AND FOLDING DOWN HOOD: Use the two buttons to choose between the 4 different positions.


Profix connection to the base

Easily connects to the car seat base in the car

Profix connection to the pram chassis

and the pushchair chassis in seconds.