Eurotest Jané Grand

Eurotest Jané Grand

Dear customers:

We would like to inform you about the latest news published by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest regarding Jané’s Grand Child Restraint System. We were informed by Stiftung-Wanterest of a disadjustment in the Isofix regulating system of our Grand CRS. It was detected during the Crash tests of the coming Eurotest.

We can appreciate in the videos of the test that there is a small displacement in the Isofix regulating system. However, the Isofix anchorage system remains well attached throughout the test, accomplishing its main purpose: the safety of the child.

We repeated the impact in our testing facilities and we could observe the same behavior as in ADAC laboratory: even with the additional displacement, the seat does NOT surpass, under any circumstances, the limits required by the ECE R44/04 Regulation or the Eurotest itself.

Jané has an advanced traceability system, with QR codes, that allows us to locate with great precision the units produced under these irregular circumstances.
Even if these units do NOT represent a risk for the child’s safety, Jané considers that this possible disadjustment of the Isofix regulating system can be reviewed and, if necessary, repaired for free.

Jané has always respected the work done by the Eurotest Group and its members around Europe. We have always followed their recommendations and suggestions. For that reason we test periodically our products under the same conditions of Eurotest in our testing facilities, as well as in the Eurotest official Laboratories (ADAC).
Regarding the set affected in the the Isofix regulation system, Jané and the Eurotest Consortium have come to an agreement to start an information and revision campaign of the units that are liable to be affected.

Jané takes an active part in the evolution of the European Regulation and updates its products constantly even ahead of the introduction dates of the Regulation.

Jané has an international recognition because of its child safety seats’ Premium quality. Our seats obtain the best safety and usability scores.

All of our products have the Homologation Certificate and they fulfill strictly the current applicable Regulations ECE R44/04 or/and R129 (i-Size). To assure the quality, they are constantly tested with COP Tests (Conformity of Production) by our Quality department and our Research and Development Team. The Jané Crash Test Research Centre is where we perform this large amount of tests, under extreme conditions with higher requirements than the ones set by European regulations.

We use all the information obtained in these tests to keep on upgrading our products and to rectify all those parts and components that are sensitive to be improved. Our aim is to continue getting the highest scores to which our customers are used to.

We will keep you updated with any optimization of our products and any news on test results.

How to know if I have to check my Jané Grand Safety Seat

To check whether your Grand car safety seat needs to be inspected and updated by our service, please scan the QR code found on the base of the seat.

Serial Number Check

If when scanning the QR code your Smartphone gives you a 16-digit number, please, send it to and we will tell you how to proceed.

If you prefer, you can also check it here and in the “product code” field enter the numerical code you’ll find below the QR.