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Welcome to Jané World
Once upon a time, there was a company that was very close to the world of children and their families that was specialized in creating and designing products for babies. For over 80 years, generations and generations of families have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, all of their products: pushchairs, car seats, cots, travel cots and playpens, rockers, baths and changing mats, high chairs and walkers for those first steps.
This company is called Jané, SPECIALIST IN FAMILIES AND EXPERT IN BABIES. An entire world that brings functional and innovative design together with quality and safety, tradition with modernity and, of course, empathy and fantasy with magic and colour.
A wonderful world where babies and families experience an unforgettable stage of their lives.
Welcome to the Jané World.
Jané: What a Wonderful World.

History of Jané®


The First Jané Pushchair Was Created In 1932

The son of Ramón Jané Caúm, Manel Jané Vidal, changed the direction of the business when his son was born. "If you’re such a good locksmith, if you’ve got so many ideas for other people, prove you’ve got them for your son as well". Encouraged by his father, Manel Jané accepted the challenge and, a few days later, little Ramón went out on wheels, in a buggy that Manel Jané was very proud of. The admiration it caused among neighbours and friends inspired him to make a couple of folding pushchairs and present them in department stores in Barcelona. A week later he got his first orders. Jané began to make folding pushchairs for children. That’s how our story began with the firm commitment to do everything as well as possible, as if it were for our own babies..





Over 85 years committed to
your baby.
Jané created and
patented the most
compact folding chassis
on the market.
The first folding stroller
from Jané with a vinyl
The umbrella stroller, a
new concept in reclining
and folding strollers.

Jané Prams Beginnings


OUR Philosophy

Children’s safety is paramount and when researching and developing new products, Jané aims to exceed industry regulations. Jané’s design and technology innovations ensure that all products are designed for babies’ health as well as safety. The company is committed to developing revolutionary products which are protected by patents to produce superior stroller and car seat equipment that outperforms the competition.

The strength of Jané as a brand is based in two distinguishing values. Firstly, the brand’s commitment to solidarity is backed by our history, our continuous investment in research and community service which is proven by our studies on child passenger safety with RACC, our education programs as well as our agreement with UNICEF. The second is the fact that our product range is based on continuous research and product development. Our product philosophy has remained constant; to offer the best, most distinctive and unique products while ensuring that they have been carefully developed in order to give the best performance possible. We also strive to pass along advantages to our customers by offering them, and most especially, their children, special features and characteristics which can’t be found in products from other brands.

A number of products and brands with wide distribution have appeared on the market lately, products strongly based on trends and style, designed for short-term use. These products don’t last and the customer eventually comes to realize what is truly behind this type of business, the company’s lack of vision for the future and a serious commitment to research within the world of infants. Jané’s strategy has always been the polar opposite to this type of frivolity. The company was founded in 1932 and our philosophy is to perpetuate and strengthen as a business. That Jané is a leader in baby care is unquestionable. Our ability to communicate, our sense of responsibility and our unflagging implication makes our obligation to society a completely natural one. That is what makes us different, original and absolutely authentic.

Jané Crash Test Research Centre

Since 1932 Jané has constantly reinvested in research and development. This philosophy has led to the creation of the Jané Crash Test Research Centre, built in 2003 it is the only private test laboratory in Spain for child safety research. Unlike other brands, our crash test centre is based in-house at our factory in Palau- Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona). This means we can constantly test and retest our products on a daily basis. And that's how we can offer you the most tested seats on the market with the strictest certification of Europe.

Our crash testing facility is simply exceptional, setting new standards and consistently pioneering breakthroughs in child safety. We are proud that safety is embedded in the DNA of the Jané brand and for over ten years the centre has been committed to ensuring our products are simply the safest and most advanced on the market.

The Research Centre has recently had an upgrade to future-proof all our operations and ensures that we continue to create products that are innovative and offer the best protection and health benefits for babies and children. All our high-speed testing is carried out according to ECE Regulations.

Jané Crash Test

Jane Crash Test Research Center - More Information

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Johnston Prams & Buggies Ltd. is the official UK and Ireland importer / distributor of the Spanish Baby Brand Jané. We are part of the Jané family in respect that we take care of all the purchasing, importation, warehousing, distribution, sales and aftersales for Jané products in the UK and Irish markets. Johnston Prams & Buggies Ltd, just like the Jané Company, is also a family run and owned company with decades of experience. We have been distributing the brand since 1996 to Specialist Independent and National Retailers, both in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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We are the official UK and Ireland importer / distributor of the Spanish Baby Brand Jané with over 80 years of experience.  We have experts on hand to help with any question you have or offer advice on every aspect of your purchase to make sure that you get exactly what you and your new family needs.

We stock everything in our product catalogue from car seats, to prams and playthings, everything we show in stock is available to purchase.

All latest news / models or additions will be made available here first.


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Jane UK values its customers, so when you buy from us directly you will receive the best service now and in the future. The following are the key benefits of ordering with us.

  • AN OPEN RETURNS POLICY - so that anything that you are not 100% happy with can be returned within 30 days for refund or exchange.
  • AUTOMATIC 2 YEAR PRODUCT GUARANTEE REGISTRATION - When you make a purchase direct from the Jane UK website, your product will be automatically registered for a two year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • UK CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR PRODUCT - During the lifetime of your Jane product, our UK-based customer service teams are available Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:15pm to answer any query you may have about your purchase. 
  • EXCLUSIVE JANE CLUB MEMBERSHIP - When you make a purchase from the Jane UK website, you will automatically become a member of the Jane club, giving you access to our online competitions, the Jane group newsletter and other exclusive special offers.
  • PRODUCT FAMILIARITY - Dealing with a company that is fully knowledgeable, trained and qualified about the Jané products you buy.

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We strive to provide the very best in customer service and ensure that every customer really enjoys their shopping experience with us - after all its a very special time and we feel that buying the right kit for your new arrival is all part of it. With so much choice available, its refreshing to have staff like ours on hand to give you the honest answers you need.

Browse from the comfort of your own home and have the items you need delivered directly to your door. If you have any queries at all do not hesitate to Contact our 5 Star Customer Service Team!

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