Our Social Project Jané & Unicef



JANÉ, proud to collaborate with UNICEF to reduce child mortality

Jané joined UNICEF* in the fight against malaria in 2010 and in 2015 it renewed its commitment to child survival rates and extended it on an international level, once again supporting the project to combat malaria in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where unfortunately malaria is still the biggest cause of child mortality. Despite the progress that has been made, malaria still counts for 5% of children’s deaths under the age of 5 on a world wide scale.

UNICEF and the fight against malaria in the DRC

The prevalence of malaria has been reduced significantly in the DRC over the last few years: from 41% in 2001 to 31% in 2013, due, largely, to mass campaigns to distribute mosquito nets treated with insecticide.

Mosquito nets are the most effective way of protecting children as they reduce cases of malaria by 20%. Today, more than half the children under 5 years old sleep under these nets, which is a great step forward although it still means that millions of boys and girls are left with no protection against this disease.



JANÉ and UNICEF, a natural alliance to fight against malaria

UNICEF is a natural partner for JANÉ, since both of them work to ensure protection for children.
Since the start of the alliance with UNICEF in 2010, Jané has contributed to the work of the organisation with an amount equivalent to the cost of nearly 130,000 mosquito nets.

For this new 2016-2017 stage of the alliance, Jané has reinforced its support by making a donation to UNICEF equivalent to the cost of 100.000** mosquito nets treated with insecticide linked to the sale of several products*** and in all the countries where the brand is present. Additionally, each pushchair will come with two exclusive solidarity wristbands for adults “Together against malaria Jané in support of UNICEF”, to thank all the customers, since they form part of this initiative too.

Jané, leader in child protection

JANÉ, as the leading company in the childcare sector, within its role of promoting social changes takes on the responsibility of protecting children. This duty can be seen not only in the products designed by JANÉ but also in the constant social work it undertakes for altruistic reasons.

UNICEF, guardian of children’s rights

UNICEF promotes the rights and welfare of all children in everything it does. Along with its associates, it works in 190 countries and territories to transform this commitment into practical actions, focussing our efforts on reaching the most vulnerable and isolated children for the benefit of all children, everywhere. In 1965 it received the Nobel Peace Prize and in 2006 it was honoured with the Prince of Asturias award for Concord.
If you would like to support the work of UNICEF to help children everywhere, please visit www.unicef.org and give what you can.

*UNICEF does not recommend any brand or product. Jané supports UNICEF.
**The average cost of a mosquito net treated with insecticide is 3.5 EUR/3.8 USD.