Once upon a time in the Jané world

Once upon a time in the Jané world

Jane - What a wonderful world



Mr Wolf can’t stop Little Red Riding Hood in her Trider

Little Red Riding Hood

...And Little Red Riding Hood was walking merrily through the woods when the wolf saw her and approached her.

“Where are you going Little Red Riding Hood?”, asked the wolf.

“To my grandmother’s house, to show her the new Trider model from Jané that my parents have bought me for our long walks through the country and around the city... What do you think Wolfie?” -answered Little Red Riding Hood.

“How the story has changed!”- exclaimed the wolf.

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Child Car Seats

Genie of the magic lamp… I wish for the Gravity car seat from Jané

Genie and the magic lamp

...The Genie appeared from the lamp and said “I will grant you 3 wishes”.
Aladdin, amazed, didn’t think twice and said:

“My first wish is to become a rich prince. My second wish is to have a flying carpet to get to my darling Jasmine... and last, but by no means least, I’d like to be able to travel in complete safety and comfort, reallllly comfortably. What should I ask for?... Let’s see… I know! I wish for the Gravity car safety seat from Jané so I can travel in complete safety and comfort, reallllly comfortably”.

”Your wishes are my command”, replied the Genie of the lamp.

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Sleep and Rest

Sleep like a princess in a Babyside crib from Jané

Sleeping Beauty​

..And the Prince silently approached the bed where the Princess was lying in a deep sleep.

He admired her splendid beauty and said to himself: “Not even the purest kiss of true love could break the spell... She is sleeping in a Babyside from Jané!

She is sleeping so peacefully she’s never going to wake up...” Even so, the Prince kissed her… and after 50 loving kisses, he fell asleep peacefully by her side.

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Baby Equipment

Let’s have a romantic candlelit dinner under the moonlight

Lady and the Tramp​

...Everything was perfect: a romantic candlelit dinner under the moonlight, with soft music, a delicious dish of pasta to enjoy...

and two fantastic and comfortable high chairs the Mila and Activa Evo from Jané.

A perfect picture with two characters in love with love and Jané.


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Bath Time

And Peter Pan saw the wonderful pirate ship was a Flip from Jané!

Peter Pan​

…And Peter Pan flew to the island of Never Never Land getting closer to the pirate ship of Captain Hook…

When Peter saw the ship, he realised straight away that something strange was happening… he had never seen anything so well designed and beautiful…

He went a bit closer and what he saw filled him with amazement: the ship was a Flip from Jané!


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Jané rockers are so comfortable we didn’t hear you, Mr Wolf!

Three Little Pigs​

…And the wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the little pigs’ house down...

Revealing the three little pigs and their three Fold and Evolution rockers where they were peacefully sleeping.

“How can it be that I didn’t wake you up?” – the wolf asked them.

One of the little pigs opened an eye and replied:
“We are so comfortable in these rockers…  that we didn’t even hear you huffing and puffing!”

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Baby Carriers

King Louie laughed: “Oh Mowgli, I’d love to sleep in a Jané carrier like you do!”

Jungle Book​

… And Bagheera asked the father: “How do you get Mowgli to stay asleep so peacefully?”

Louie, the King of the Apes, interrupted: “It’s because he’s carrying him in the Cocoon baby sling from Jané!”

Baloo told me it’s the most natural way to carry a baby.
“But he’s been through the most exciting parts of the jungle, swinging from vines, crossing valleys and climbing trees and he hasn’t even woken up!” exclaimed Bagheera.

King Louie laughed adding: “Oh Mowgli, I’d love to sleep like you do! olf-.”

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Baby Toys and Gifts

Tortoise and Hare can’t beat the Formula Kid Walker!

The Tortoise and the Hare​

...And the child, as bold as you like, said: “Why don’t we change the story a bit and have a race between the three of us?”

When faced with the boy’s offer, the Tortoise and the Hare were delighted to accept the challenge...

The Tortoise set off on his own unique, slow race; while the Hare, as confident as ever, sat down for a little snooze under an enormous mushroom...

What he didn’t know was that the boy had his Formula Kid walker from Jané... and, in the blink of an eye, the child shot off so fast that he got a “fairy tale” head start and won the race.

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All you’ll ever need for a Mad Hatters’ tea party.

Alice in Wonderland

… And Alice, running after the white rabbit, found herself in the middle of an unexpected party…

“Come closer Alice. We’ve got a long table with teapots, cups, plates, cutlery, bowls, flasks... and loads of feeding products from Jané!” – said the Mad Hatter.

“We’re going to celebrate our UNbirthday. - It’s a good job we arrived on time.” – Added the white rabbit.

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Rest and Relax

Snow White and the seven dwarves just love their Jané ergonomic cushions

Snow White and the seven dwarves

…And Snow White entered the dwarves’ little house, astonished at everything she saw…

But she was so tired that she started to feel sleepy; then she found a little room, she went in and. What a surprise!... there were seven little dwarves resting after a long day.

They were comfortably settled on seven ergonomic cushions from Jané…

Snow White danced about because she was so happy to see them, the dwarves and, of course, the magnificent Jané cushions.

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Every little mermaid loves a Jané bath time

Little Mermaid

It had to be, Ariel is a water girl and her life is all about enjoying everything to do with the liquid element...

you just need to put her folding Smart Bath from Jané in the bathtub, give her the Bath Toys (red crab included) and play the music she loves so much...

everything else, is a game of bubbles and colour...

a festival of happiness that no parent in the world would want to miss!

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