Jane Universal Bath Tub Shower Tray

Universal Bath Tub Shower Tray
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Inflatable bathtub suitable for 2 children and ideal for houses that only have a shower tray.

Bath your child comfortably in the inflatable plastic bath from Jané that can be used as a bath or a paddling pool.  This bath tub has room for 2 children and is the perfect bathtub for houses that only have a shower tray.

Suitable for 0 - 5 years and is the best system for saving water and letting the baby enjoy his bath time!

Easy to dry, easy to assemble and dismantle, easy to transport. You can bath two children at once. It has individual air chambers around the edges, so the bath structure is more rigid. With a picture of a fish on the base for the child to enjoy.


  • Capacity: 70 litres
  • Capacity for 2 children - Room for 2 children and can be used in the shower tray, in a large bath or as an outdoor paddling pool.
  • This New improved version includes a plug hole to help make draining far easier.
  • Includes a suction pad which can be used as an anchor and to hang it up.
  • Includes a foot pump to make inflating the bath easy and quick.
  • Made of very hard-wearing materials so it can be used indoors as a bath and outdoors as a paddling pool in the garden.
  • Comfort and safety in the bath - The PVC is very thick and soft, so the child is comfortable. And all the pictures and colours on the bath are anti-toxic.
  • The best way to save water and let your baby enjoy bath time! Can be used as a divider for a large bathtub.
  • Ideally can be used as a bathtub in houses that only have a shower tray.
  • Measurements: Outer 60 x 60 x 20 cm.
  • Safe Materials: PVC plastic. 100% Bpa, Phthalates & Lead free. All the pictures and colours on the bath are anti-toxic.
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Our Customer Reviews
Grandma from United Kingdom
03 May 2019 09:41
This is very 'robust' - the sides are solid enough to lean against without the pool changing shape. The design (vertical pockets, plus the separate rim) mean that it is substantial. It is roomy enough for my 3 year old grandson (and will last a while longer, I think). He is very happy playing in it. Unlike a paddling pool, the base also inflates, which makes it comfortable to sit in and also keeps the water warm for longer.
Jenn from United Kingdom
31 May 2017 11:26
This arrived in a very small box and I was delighted when I opened it to find a pump and easy to use . Pumped up 3 sections easily and wow I love it xx I bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter and she absolutely loved it . She wallowed in it lay with her feet in the air she did not want to get out and when she did she kissed it she loved the fish and felt so important that it was her own ' indoor paddling pool' when it's full it is a perfect depth for fun and splashes. I'm so happy with this product . The suction holder keeps it secure on the wall in the shower I leave it there even when I shower so I don't have to deflate it each time. It has an outlet which is at the side so it drains out slowest in the shower tray so as not to flood the floor. I let s bit out at a time to allow for slow drainage down the drain. I would recommend this to anyone with a toddler in a shower and I wish I'd had it sooner for my grand daughter instead of the baby bath I used which was slippery and not so easy to store. This looks so nice hanging in the shower cubicle.
Helle B. Larsen from United Kingdom
23 September 2015 17:44
I bought this after we got rid of our bath in favour of a large shower cubicle (120x70cm), as my toddler loves a bath. It's really sturdy and just fits in the shower tray, it probably wouldn't fit very well in a shower smaller than 70cm deep. It's a good size, my daughter is about 92cm tall and she can sit in it with fully stretched out legs, and even lie on her side if she curls up a bit. The design of the sides and top means that it's virtually impossible for her to push the sides down and have water overspilling. The only downside is that the foot pump is rather tough to use and there are three different compartments to blow up, so it takes a while. A good investment if you're after a good, sturdy and large bath tub for occasional use.
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